Monday, 12 June 2017

Ham Radio Deluxe

I've been using the free version of the great program 'Ham Radio Deluxe' up until quite recently when I started to notice that the program was becoming quite slow. I uninstalled and reinstalled but this didn't solve the problem and decided that I needed something different, something a bit more reliable that wasn't prone to hanging or the occasional crash, something that could be used as my everyday logger as well as a contest logger.
I searched the web, downloaded various programs, deleted many just as quick but eventually came across a program called AC Log by N3FJP. I liked the layout, it was easily configurable although I was unable to configure the tab order of the various boxes on the logging screen but overall, it did what I wanted it to do. The only real issue for me was because most of my operating is in digimode and I really liked DM780 I found it hard to get to grips with some of the digital programs that would work with AC Log.
I tried to use DM780 with AC Log but found it very frustrating that I could not get the two apps to communicate. Maybe you can't? Maybe I misunderstood how the two interact?
Anyway, after getting a bit fed up with JT-65 (although the software WSJT-X, works flawlessly with AC Log) I decided to look at the more recent versions of HRD.
I downloaded the trial version, installed it, launched the program and imported my logbook. It was like being reunited with an old friend! The familiarity with the app is enough to convince me that I should buy the software despite its fairly steep price.
I have 30 days to play with the program so will look for a possible solution to integrating DM780 with AC Log but I have to say that the ease of use I feel for HRD may mean I have to break out the the credit card..!

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