Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Expanded 60m band

On the 1st of January 2017 all amateur radio operators in the Republic of Ireland gained access to a small portion of the 60m band without the need to apply for a temporary licence. The band allocation is 15 kHz from 5.351.5 to 5.366.5 MHz at a power of 12dBW (15 watts PEP).

The existing 3kHz wide channels remain available as long as the user has paid ComReg the €30 fee for the use of these channels. Users are allowed a higher power allowance of 23dBW (200 watts PEP). The frequencies are as follows...

5.280 MHz
5.300 MHz
5.332 MHz
5.348 MHz
5.400 MHz
5.405 MHz

As USB is the preferred mode on the 60m band set your transceiver to a frequency 1.5 kHz below the frequency, e.g for 5.405 MHz set your TX frequency to 5.403.5 MHz USB. This way you will minimise the chances of transmitting out of band.

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