Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tower install woes

I recently bought a Hexbeam from a friend of mine Trevor, EI2GLB and I'm hoping to put it up soon. I'm in the process of installing a 40 feet tower in my garden but this is proving to be a little less straight forward as I had hoped. As is so often the case here in Ireland I'm discovering that suppliers of concrete or steel seem to have a very lax attitude in dealing with customers. Last week I contacted a company to find out how my previously ordered reinforced steel cage was progressing. I was told I could collect it on Saturday morning but when I drove there the gates were closed shut. Working 9-5, Monday to Friday my only opportunity to collect would be on a Saturday. I still have not had any response from them this week.

I also contacted a concrete supplier to get a quote. The guy took my number as he was busy and said he'd call me back in two minutes. That was one week ago and still no contact.

No wonder this country is on its knees...

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